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What IS Combat Sims? – Combat Sims is a community-run, hardcore military simulation. It is conducted using laser-based taggers on the FragTag operating system. See here for a better explanation.

I don’t think I’m fit enough – Well, for starters that’s not a question. But, either way – IT’S COMPLETE RUBBISH. Combat Sims is NOT a military organisation. There are NO fitness standards. We are ALL civilians, we ALL work office jobs, we are ALL only here to have fun. If at any point you feel like you need a break – JUST TAKE ONE. The other guys in your section will probably thank you for it.

No, Really, I’m still not sure about my fitness – *Sigh*. Listen. I work in a call centre. I sit on my ass and eat donuts ALL DAY. I still manage, You will too. 

How much does it cost? – Cost for individual games may vary, but generally: 

LIDS Sessions: FREE 

Tagger Hire and Session Costs: $40 

Hire Cams – $5 

That’s $40 for about 6 hours of game time. Try and find this kind of experience somewhere else for that price, I dare you.

What do I need to bring? – Covered shoes, long pants, long sleeves. 2L of water (in a backpack is usually the easiest way). Safety glasses/sunglasses (You have to bring them – wearing them in the bush is optional). 

That’s it. 

You don’t need to spend thousands on gear – especially if you’re not sure what to buy at first. Most players just hire a set of cams for their first session, then talk to experienced players for ideas, or jump on the “Recruits” section in the forums for some gear recommendations. There is also some basic webbing for hire should you be so inclined.

What kind of objectives and taskings can we expect at Combat Sims? – Depends on the day, but typically: Attack and Defend locations, Planting (obviously fake) bombs on targets, extracting and protecting VIP’s, retrieving downed pilots, reconnoitering enemy patrols, ambushes, and more. Anything you might expect a light infantry section to do.


What if I’m still scared? Will everyone hate me because I’m new? – No. We realise we play a fairly niche sport. We’re happy to see new faces. So we can shoot at them.


What if I have more questions? – Send us an email at an we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, you can jump on the Facebook page and ask us there. Or, if like me, you prefer to live dangerously, feel free to click the big “Register” button below, and find out for yourself….